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Historical Events in 1977


Some events that took place in 1977


  • Carter gives pardon to American draft evaders of Vietnam
  • Indira Gandhi resigns as PM of India
  • US Dept. of Energy is established
  • Leonid Brezhnev elected President of Soviet Union
  • Nobel Peace Prize – Amnesty International
  • Anwar Sadat – PM Egypt goes to Israel for 1st time
  • Ed Koch elected Mayor of New York City
  • JRR Tolkien book The Silmarillion came out - posthumously
  • The Thornbirds – Colleen McCollough (I can’t believe I read this trash)
  • Annie – Tony Award for Best Musical
  • John Neopomucene Neumann (1811-1860) canonized; first American male saint
  • Roberto Rossellini died
  • Joan Crawford died
  • Groucho Marx died
  • Charlie Chaplin died
  • Elvis Presley died
  • Bing Crosby died
  • Maria Callas died
  • TV dramatization of Roots
  • US space shuttle Enterprise makes its first manned flight
  • 2,300 year old tomb of King Philip II of Macedon, father of Alexander the Great, is found in northern Greece
  • Portland Trailblazers win NBA championship
  • Montreal Canadiens defeat Boston Bruins to win their 20th Stanley Cup
  • Tom Watson wins Masters and British Golf open
  • Seattle Slew wins horse racing’s Triple Crown
  • American ship “Courageous” defeats “Australia” to retain the America’s Cup
  • Chris Everet wins her 3rd Wimbledon, Bjorn Borg wins his 2nd; Australia wins Davis Cup
  • Pele plays his last professional soccer game between Cosmos and Santos – I saw the game – he played the first half with Santos and the second with Cosmos
  • 570 people die when two airplanes crash on the Canary Island of Tenerife
  • New York City blackout leaves 9 million people w/out electricity for between 4 ½ and 25 hours – looting and rioting ensued
  • Jaelle Penny Commissiong, of Trinidad Tobago – 1st black woman to win Miss Universe Title
  • Passenger service on the Concorde begins between Paris and London
  • US population reaches 216 million


  • We graduated from AHS