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Event Details

The American School Foundation Class of 77

40th Reunion September 8th-10th 2017, Mexico City, Mexico


Tickets Prices



Dear Classmates:


Please read!!!! Everything you need to know about purchasing our reunion tickets is outline below.

The Class of 77 Reunion Committee has spent considerable time organizing an event that will be both memorable for a lifetime yet affordable considering travel, hotel, food and transportation. In order to achieve a good balance of a spectacular reunion and keep tickets prices as low as possible, the way to achieve this is through volume” attendance. The more that attend, the more we can apply these funds to continue to enhance the experience. At the moment, we have 130 classmates that are registered and our goal is to reach at least 150-175, making this an unprecedented attended reunion. If we surpass these attendance goals, I will be making further announcements to enhance the weekend experience. No monies go back to the AHS, no monies come back to me, ALL monies go towards this event. So let’s make this happen in a big way !!!!


A, Ticket Prices: Important: Ticket prices close August 30th, 2017 !!!


Per Person Ticket Prices: $255 USD-After July 1st,- August 30th, 2017

Per Couple Ticket Prices: $400 USD-After July 1st,-August 30th, 2017. Please Note: insert (1) for COUPLE when selecting COUPLE


Since the reunion committee has already financially secured the events, we will be offering incentives for you to purchase your tickets early. Please do not wait until the last minute to purchase your tickets.


Early Ticket Purchases March-April 30th, 2017


Per Person Ticket Prices: $225 USD

Per Couple Ticket Prices: $350 USD Note: Insert (1) for a COUPLE when selecting COUPLE


Early Ticket Purchases May 1st-June 30th, 2017


Per Person Ticket Prices: $240 USD

Per Couple Ticket Prices: $375 USD Note: Insert (1) for a COUPLE when selecting COUPLE


B.Ticket Purchases day of the event:


Tickets purchases at the day of the event will not be allowed unless prior arrangements have been made with the reunion committee.


C. What does the ticket price include?


1) Castillo Event including transportation: Hired buses To and From The Hyatt in Polanco. Please view agenda on website for more details

2) Tour of the American School and lunch including hired buses To and From The Hyatt in Polanco

3) Casino Español main event. Hired buses To and From the Hyatt in Polanco. Please review agenda on website for more details

4) Sunday’s Pozole event at Judy Mariscal’s house.  

5) Photographer for Friday and Saturday night. You will be able to download all photos taken.


NOTE: Ticket Prices are inclusive, meaning we will not discount tickets if you cannot make an event.


D. What does the ticket price NOT include:


1) Hotel and hotel incidentals

2) UBER or cabs

3) Airline tickets

4) Valet parking at the Casino Español.

5) Transportation to Judy’s on Sunday


E. Comments on ticket prices:


For some of you, this may be a stretch. The reunion starts in 6 months and should give you plenty of time to save extra monies to attend. Also consider this: Our Ixtapa reunion 15 years ago, tickets prices went for $150. Also, the Class of 76 reunion last year in Acapulco, ticket prices were at $260 per person. For our Mexico classmates, this should be a steal considering an event at the Castillo alone is around $1,600 pesos ($80 USD) Again, in order for us to make this work, we need at least a critical mass of 125 attending, so please do your best to encourage others from our class and all other classes to attend.



Refunds will only be allowed on a case-by-case basis. Aside from that, there are NO refunds.


Special Needs Fund:


The reunion Committee is considering establishing a “Special Needs Fund” for those classmates that require financial assistance to attend. We will evaluate your needs on a case- by- case basis and your name will not be divulged. Please send me an email directly to: markrafaelmaldonado@yahoo.com.


How to Pay:


  1. Website: You can pay through the website.(www.ahsclassof77reunion.net). It is 100% secured. The website takes the following credit cards: VISA, MasterCard, Discover or American Express.  Keep in mind, this is the preferred method.


  1. You can mail me a check. Please send me a check to the following address and made out to me personally.


Mark Maldonado

245 Almendra Ave

Los Gatos, CA 95030


  1. Online Transfers Through Bank of America: Online Transfer using recipient’s email: Bank of America offers account holders the ability to send money securely using just an email of the recipient. For those of you who have Bank of America Online Banking, you can transfer money by going to the Transfer>Send Money> and send the amount to: markrafaelmaldonado@yahoo.com. Make sure to write in the message box shown in the page who you write “purchase of (however many) tickets(s) and your name(s). If you do this, send me an email letting me know you have transferred the funds. I will respond with a confirmation.


  1. Online Transfer via your Bank: Online transfer using account and routing number: This process allows you to send money online to someone else’s account. To perform a transfer, sign into your online account and select transfers from the navigation menu. You will need to know the account number and transit routing number of the recipient. In our case, the numbers at Bank of America are as follows:


  • Account number: 3250-8987-7308
  • Transit routing number: 121000358(within the US)


Please send me an email (markrafaelmaldonado@yahoo.com) letting me know you have transferred the funds. I will reply with a confirmation.


  1. Paypal: Paypal maybe an option but i will research further.


  1. Special Arrangement Payments: Please email me if there is another form of payment you wish to engage in. If you wish to wire the funds, please let me know and I will provide you wiring instructions.



Please feel free to email me at (markrafaelmaldonado@yahoo.com) if you have any issues or questions.  We look forward to your attendance at this reunion of a lifetime. I promise you this will be our best reunion ever.


Viva Mexico!!!


Fuerte Abrazo,


Mark Maldonado and the Reunion Committee