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"Happy Together"

Welcome to the American School Foundation Class of 1977

45th Reunion website




For newcomers to this site:This is how you Register: Go to Classmate Profiles/Register and find your name. Second, click on your name and follow the Registration process


This site is for graduates and attendees of The American School High School Class of 1977 that will be attending the 45th reunion in Merida the weekend of November 4th-6th 2022. It is a privacy protected and completely free to all of the above. Given this is a Class of 77 reunion, we ABSOLUTELY welcome all classes that have mutual friends to attend.

New to the Site?


Just click on the Classmate Profiles, find your name on the classmates list and follow the instructions.


Been here for awhile?

Remember to keep your contact information up to date We are a transient society so remember to periodically check in and update your address, phone numbers and most importantly your email addressess so you can stay informed.

Have fun browsing all the pages and stay engaged within our chat room!


See who else has logged in and check out what they have been up to since we graduated and in most cases, what they look like now.

Your participation is "key" for the website to be complete!!



Your classmates are waiting to hear from you now!!


Moving forward we need your photos, updates, and memories to enhance this site to make it certain it represents ALL of the members of the AHS Class of 77. Even if you haven't attended a reunion, nor kept in touch at all since graduation, we ask that you take a few minutes to update your profile and submit photos. You may even reconnect with an old friend. Your submissions will make this site fun, interesting and exciting. So add your personal touch and see what happens.

I have added a list of classmates contact and email information. If you have other classmates that want to participate, please have them email me at (markrafaelmaldonado@yahoo.com) and i will add them to the roster.

The committee team and i look forward to creating an amazing reunion. Thank you for your participation and if there are any suggestions to make this a better experience, please do not hesitate to contact me or your committee members.


We are now on Facebook
Works with our web site.

Try Class Connection


Un Fuerte Abrazo and look forward to seeing all of you next year

Mark Maldonado and the reunion committee



No registered users are online right now.


•   Jodi Liegl (Fouche)  1/7
•   Isa Pineda (Navarro)  7/13
•   Alfonso (Ponch) Martinez  6/19
•   Edie Frost-78 (Shults)  2/24
•   Rafael Escandon Timm (Escandon Timm)  10/28
•   Bruce Knoblock-76  10/27
•   Richard Katzman  10/16
•   Jennifer Hamer-79 (Grassi)  10/16
•   Leticia Albarran  10/14
•   Sally Lawton (Meyers)  10/14
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6 live in Arizona (USA)
33 live in California (USA)
10 live in Colorado (USA)
1 lives in Connecticut (USA)
9 live in Florida (USA)
2 live in Georgia (USA)
1 lives in Idaho (USA)
1 lives in Indiana (USA)
4 live in Maryland (USA)
5 live in Massachusetts (USA)
3 live in Michigan (USA)
1 lives in Montana (USA)
1 lives in Nebraska (USA)
1 lives in New Hampshire (USA)
2 live in New Jersey (USA)
1 lives in New Mexico (USA)
5 live in New York (USA)
2 live in North Carolina (USA)
1 lives in Oregon (USA)
19 live in Texas (USA)
3 live in Utah (USA)
3 live in Virginia (USA)
1 lives in Wisconsin (USA)
1 lives in Ontario (Canada)
6 live in Aguascalientes
1 lives in Coahuila
34 live in Federal District
2 live in Guanajuato
1 lives in Jalisco
8 live in México
1 lives in Queretaro
2 live in Quintana Roo
1 lives in Veracruz
1 lives in Yucatan
115 live in USA
1 lives in Canada
1 lives in Brazil
57 live in Mexico
1 lives in Spain
2 live in United Kingdom
120 location unknown


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Percentage of Joined Classmates: 61.9%

A:   195   Joined
B:   120   Not Joined
(totals do not include deceased)